Wax Based Solid Poppers

quite a new development in the world of poppers and unusual , revolutionary some may say. What we have available to buy are small aluminium tins with a wax filled substance which have the aromas impregnated into them. The large players like Rush have got on board as have the likes of Nirvana and Extacy.

Solid Aromas

. However the latter two are sold as fragrances. An alternate with some fab positives, like the ease to carry around and simple to use as well with no spillage! Just rub and allow the fragrances to develop by release. Plus now the product lasts even longer , one should still store in the refrigerator and must be aware that wax also melts at higher temps. Time has to pass in order to see if these make or break it in the market place. Our money is one longevity, just need to spread the word out there.

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Wax Base Poppers
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Solid Poppers