Easter Sale

At the Poppers store we have a sale on nearly every time of the year, a pre sale is on now valid until just before Easter , 15% off everything in the shop across the whole range. Just need a promotional code to get your discount.

Discount sales code

Buy online and get money off not only the costs when compared to a high street retailer but now even more with the code.

Get Rush , Amsterdam,Squirt, Extra strong, and English poppers for less!

this is a pre offer so expect an Easter one to follow next weekend.Snow is falling across Europe and it looks like its going to be a cold one so why not spend it more indoors perhaps in the bedroom and make it a seasonal night(s) to remember by buying now and pre planning ahead. We ship all the time, stock come sin and out and rarely sits on the shelf. Stock that stays is bad business, we sell and dont have kets say out of date supplies.