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We all do it, in the bedroom or some out others both. Safety is of concern and to enhance the antics a whole bunch of lifestyle products adorn our shelves. Condoms are a definite favorite having such a diverse range not only in sizes but types and even flavors.  Lubricants are a close second either water or silicone based. Toys are a plenty and a forever type product. Poppers fall into a separate category of their own but are accessories none the less. The list goes on with underwear potency items plus delay sprays enhancers and that’s not starting with the fetish style bits and pieces. Cuffs collars and slings , then we can go further with sneakers socks and get even more personal with tattoos, piercings and even more leather clothing.

Sex Toys for sale

Its great we are all different and it would be a boring planet if we were all the same! Butt plugs, cock rings, anal beads and electronic shock toys. dilators and erectile assisted like the famous “blue pill”. The industry is huge and divers but we at the shop try to have something for everyone and be ahead of the game.  The after care market is likewise a mystical and massive industry various lubes lotions creams and scent adorn the supermarket isles.

Somewhat like the drinks business we have such a diverse and alt range but at the core is the poppers shop. If we don’t have what your looking for and more so at an affordable price and amount then no one will.


Lifestyle Product
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Lifestyle Product
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