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Bit of background about the shop as its a new one. We have a small family being developed which is dedicated to the sale of poppers and its accompany style products, like enhancers, condoms, delay sprays, to name a few. To see the full range of course your going to have to check out what we have online. With the internet moving so fast everyone seems to be playing catch up and we are no different. Adapt or die. The same is true in the market with so many differing types of poppers out there even solid ones now!

So if your online your in the right place, bookmarks enable us to come back and of course we always have offers specials and even free shipping and taxes included. The online system also gives customers the most secure ways of shopping with multi layered protocols and secure layers in place to avoid not only fraud but minors being diverted away and subsequently not able to buy. Outside UK countries and outside the E.U will also have to contend with their own laws regulations and duties as we cant be responsible for policies outside E.U plus when the U.K leaves then new procedures will undoubtedly be put in place we have a couple of years and probably more to see how Brexit spans out.


Of course we cant list all toys so pick one that “Stands Out”  🙂  The monster Cock cage:

Popular sex toys

The image says it all and bought with all the compliments could be a winner and crowd pleaser.

Condoms are a standard part of any sexual act for all the reasons well documented so for part of any purchase for lets say”bedroom activities”. The stock room has an enviable range in all shapes sizes colours and even flavors. We choose one which encompasses the spirit of our online business:

Full range of condoms for sale

Free condoms with the buy some get some extra “gratis”.


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