Poppers Rush

Had to dedicate a page to rush poppers as its such an iconic name, branded accordingly since the 1970’s. Captain rush and the ever present “Never Fake it” allow this one to stand out proud and loud.

Its a Rush!

A few more tweaks and variants have evolved over time due to changes in mixes and legal stuff. The old school rant on about the old style rush and here we can have exclusivity for the new and yet older bring it back and definitely not for the faint hearten re establishment of the Rush name:

Pellet Style

Not to be outdone is the similar pellet shake me up black evil and yet sleek designed glossy popper square and round types. A relative new one which has potency and longevity built in. If you want a bargain then buy in quantity as we have special offers and deals for quantitative buying. Our shops give a vast choice with combination buys plus the old faves like jungle juice blue boy and of course rush poppers always in store, after all this one is our all time best seller and sits proud on top of the tree. Of course markets dictate as does customer desire and demand. Economics supply an demands.

Zero rush  and radikal plus the mega packs make up a formidable line up and one would find this range of the worlds most fave brand hard to beat on availability and prices. Don’t delay shop today!