Big news not only in Holland but also U.K Amsterdam known for its night life and scene and a party town. Many stag and hen parties and a welcome addition to the stock range for our store is the popper known by that name. Sold and easily indented by its canal street type labeling and pinkish colour scheme.  Been on the street block for decades now and established, has a long standing customer base plus we always have it on our shop shelves.

Dutch City

Not to be outdone the company has provided us with some extra versions for specific needs namely Black

Amsterdam Black Label

New formula for this liquid incense and likewise in an extra strong sized bottle. Plus the “Special”:

Amsterdam Special Poppers

Not to be outdone are the new solid poppers and they have a new line as well:

Wax Based Solid Poppers

A pretty good large selection all round and bound to be something for every one here!