Liquid Gold

Some products are legendary some are not some come and go but liquid gold has been at the front of the Que and buyers guide to poppers for a very long time. Of course time changes everything but to coin a phrase “Ye olde faith full”  remains a true thoroughbred among its piers.

Gold in colour and pure but has evolved due to nitrate / nitrite chemical mixtures  changes due to legal alterations over time. However one does have to change not only with the contents but with the marketing and labeling. No customer would not be able to tell which aromas is the golden one.

Liquid gold poppers for sale UK

Pure gold is an additional alternative

Gold Rush

“Never fake it”. Pure liquid incense with fatal if swallowed warnings and not to set fire as extremely flammable! Comes in 15 tray sizes too!

1970’s Original mixes are no longer allowed due to knowledge but still known as the original leather cleaner and video head cleaner. So don’t leave home without it.



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liquid gold
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