Power Aromas

The last couple of years have seen an increase in the market place and shop shelves for super aroma strength room ororizers. Larger bottles, fantastically embellished and translucent labeling plus the liquid contents to match. All the big name players have come to the party Liquid gold rush and jungle juice some great XXX brands too.

Bears Own “Who’s Ya Daddy” targets the daddy son audiences and the bear community.

Who’s Ya Daddy

Great design and targeted, likewise “English”  :

Room Odorizers

Saint George red and white cross aimed at the U.K community in general and appealing to the loyal faithful following and proud nation. Containing 25 ml Isopropyl Nitrite the new formula mixture of chemicals and described as the alternative room odorizer . we think in store this one does stand out and has a certain charm about it. will be around as long as England is! A third choice of the new exciting ranges available would be Fist, clenched ready to strike and conj ours up a hard lifestyle product:

FIST Aromas

Deep formulas long lasting very powerful aromas not for the faint hearted and ones to keep next to the bedroom table or play room sling! A leather community and bondage aimed product that packs the punch.

We have so many in stores that we cant show case them all so buyers just need to get shopping but last we have to get straight to the point with this summary from XTREEME.

Its Extreme

Definitely and rightly so just like all others not for sale to minors Red black danger warning labeling. “Hots the Spot” that others can not reach.

Hope the above reads well and makes sense and in order to see all products currently available in shop only one way to find out and thats to check out , add to the basket and be happy.