Jungle Juice

Brilliant well known strong poppers that have been selling for what seems like an eternity Very popular is the name jungle juice available to buy in a number of themes.

Platinum is the oldest most established and favorite for our buyers. Large brown bottle with a silver lining:

Jungle Juice Platinum Poppers

Known as the original Room Odorizer liquid incense. Best seller along side Rush and Liquid Gold aromas .A true long live high-bred and likewise not to be  out done comes in a solid form:

Extra Strength Junglejuice. 

Highly flammable and excellent warning safety signage easily seen , silver yellow and black ultra super power aroma!

Last is the new Junglejuice:

New Jungle Juice aroma. 

Very distinct brand easily visible to the buyers and customers on the shop shelf and internet. Quite a varied choice all round but each and every one a true market leader.


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Brand Name
Jungle Juice
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Jungle Juice Poppers