Free Poppers

Not exactly free as these days any savvy buyer knows there is a cost but what we can say is when you buy you get some free, just like seeing the high street supermarket daily specials we just do it with poppers. Shop with confidence in the knowledge that purchases made are shipped out virtually immediately its very uncommon for us to have no stock in store. Our efficiency and mass orders from the manufacturers allow us to pass on super savings the most important being in cost. Everybody wins as more items are sold and the amount of sales offsets the lower priced discounts. Not rocket science as everyone wants a bargain. A great example at this tome of writing are Radikal Rush Poppers a recent addition and a product that is different to the norm, these have a larger opening which allows more of the incense to breathe out due to surface area in contact with the outside world when open, combined with a new formula and put together by one of if not the biggest manufacturer on the planet and yo have a potent mix all be it a lesser known one so the answer to to tempt the buyers and no better way than by promotion with a time period of a below average market sales price.

Its Radikal!

Presently we have buy two get two free among other offers not only for poppers but for many other products we have for sale in shop like plugs, underwear, swimwear and a massive range of toys. Most lets say “bedroom” orientated.


So be sure to come back regularly and recheck, restock and keep your cash ( More of it ) with you.